Sleepin On Your Side

Everyone has a preferred sleeping position. Some people sleep better on their side, others on their back or on their stomach. We tend to think that a comfortable, soft and fluffy pillow is enough. However, each position requires its own pillow.

In this article, we have chosen to focus on pillows for sleeping on your side. Find out more about the usefulness of this type of pillow and our recommendation.

Why choose a specific pillow to sleep on your side?

The vast majority of sleepers tend to sleep on their side. It is estimated that more than half of the population. Although it is comfortable for you, the problem with this position is that it can be the source of great neck pain if you have not chosen the right pillow or an adapted mattress (see our dossier on the best mattresses).

When you sleep on your stomach or back, the gap between your cervical vertebrae and the mattress is smaller. For people who sleep on their side, the gap between the cervical vertebrae and the mattress is significant. Without a pillow to sleep on your side, you may regularly experience torticollis or pain as soon as you wake up (see our article on mattresses for good lumbar support).

The pillow for sleeping on your side will support the weight of your head once your body is completely relaxed. The right or left side does not matter which pillow you choose.

The choice of an ergonomic pillow: yes or no?

For people who are unfamiliar with the ergonomic pillow, it is a pillow that will adapt to the needs of its user. In the world of bedding, we talk about an ergonomic pillow when there is a morphological comfort.

Very often, it will be with memory foam or latex. These thermo-regulating materials have the ability to adapt to the curves of your head.

To answer the question: it’s a big yes! There’s nothing better than an ergonomic pillow to sleep on your side. The advantage is that by following the shape of your head, these pillows will provide very precise personalized support.

They will also provide pressure relief in the cervical area to evacuate the tensions accumulated during the day. Ergonomic pillows are regularly recommended by physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors (see also our article on cervical pillows sold in pharmacies).

Our tips for choosing the perfect pillow to sleep on your side

If you are not interested in our recommendation, we have a few tips to give you that will help you find the pillow to sleep on the side of your dreams. As you can see, in this position your cervical vertebrae need to be supported. You must therefore be careful not to select a pillow that is too soft, at the risk of causing pain. The same goes for a pillow that is too firm. This is the same principle as for a mattress that is too firm, for example.

Last tip: check the height. We cannot give an ideal height because it depends on the morphology of each person. So remember to try it out to make sure it fills the space between the mattress and your cervical vertebrae, hence the interest in a cervical pillow that plays this role to perfection.

If you are looking for a pillow to sleep on your back and side sleeper mattress, we have found a model that is both beautiful and comfortable. The Wopilo pillow. Voted product of the year 2019, it is a double pillow.

Inside the Wopilo, you will have a memory foam heart. On the outside, another pillow that will bring you the soft and cosy comfort. You can choose a pillow with either firm density or soft comfort.

It is recommended by health professionals (osteo, physiotherapists and chiropractors) for its memory foam that perfectly supports the cervical vertebrae and re-aligns the spine. The filling is 100% vegan and especially anti-mite for the most sensitive.

In addition to being comfortable, it is healthy. It is the perfect pillow to sleep on the side that you can couple with a top-of-the-range mattress without any problem.

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