How financial success in business comes

Recently, there have been bright life spectacles unfolding around me, which again made me question the main component of financial success in business.

Having digged into myself, having held dozens of conversations with familiar entrepreneurs, I have found the answer to my question and today I will share it with you. After all, I am sure that you were tormented by this question overnight as well.

Now in our country is a wonderful time to popularize “light” business.

Everywhere you look online and offline, there are a lot of fairytale offers – trainings, pseudo-franchises. “Do you want to get a million without working?” or “Profitable business is just ! Buy a franchise and get a million in three months!

And people believe, buy, follow such offers, while adequate franchise offers “talk” quite differently – “Welcome your fellow entrepreneur, we have a successful and developing business and we need a workable and enterprising partner.

Look, everything is calculated, all stages of work are scheduled, financial calculations are also ready. If we work together according to the plan, we will get these estimates.

Compared to the first one, this proposal is obviously frustrating, it says directly that you need to understand and work, and the result is not a millionth account in a month.

In addition, I once again saw a few people juggling large sums of money that suddenly fell out of nowhere, holding large positions, not having a minimum of financial and legal knowledge.

But throughout my entrepreneurial activity I have encountered many entrepreneurs who have worked very hard, long and hard, inspired and charged with their example, but have not yet received an adequate financial equivalent to their efforts.

All of this has led me to think again, and maybe really, that financial success has little to do with hard and consistent work. Someone just got lucky, and someone was destined to work long without significant results?

In order to answer this question again, I took two available ways to obtain evidence. Over the course of the next few days, I approached all my acquaintances and returned to the good old stories of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

And here are the results.

It was less clear with the stories of the famous and successful ones – almost everybody says that unless you are an heir to the empire, you have to go through a lot of trials, refusals, work and overcome yourself. Only then does success come.

So, in what guise and at what point does luck come?

Luck comes to those who are looking for it, in a word, to those who are prepared, to those who are active in this direction, to those who work hard and grasp any opportunity.

Luck, basically, is an opportunity that is associated with certain acquaintances. Luck has a human face! Whether it is a partner or a client, it is important to establish contacts and maintain contacts, and this is also a job, and sometimes a very serious one.

Luck that comes from nothing, without hard work, tends to be short-lived and ineffective, it is like a big win for a person who was not ready and absolutely not able to manage the money.

Luck based on work and professionalism is more of a natural result of perseverance and work, which has a cumulative effect.

That is, summarizing the above, luck in business is a natural, albeit sometimes unexpected, event for a person who works hard, does not give up and considers carefully every situation, looking for an opportunity in it – that is, luck.

As for hard work, it is a theorem confirmed by the practice of famous billionaires and all my acquaintances, I believe, future billionaires too!

Yes, of course, sometimes I want to believe that there is a magic pill – a franchise, an idea that you won’t have to work with, and probably think about it too. Only on how to spend money. But, alas, as a rule, it is a successful business of other people on your naivety.

And now the warmest and most pleasant idea of this article, which I address to my acquaintances and may yet unknown businessmen – workers who are not completely satisfied with the results of their work and sometimes are in apathy and mild melancholy.

With symptoms of loss of motivation on this basis: Your financial luck will certainly happen to you, the main thing – to continue to work, and it will be more of a regularity than an accident!