Acid Reflux, Allergies and Headaches

Just How could Indigestion, Allergies as well as Headaches all be associated?

Through the Mind Stem …

The Brain stem is an expansion of the mind itself that expands down right into the top neck area (top cervical spinal column). The mind stem is prone to injury if the Atlas or Axis the top 2 bones in the back are turned or slanted as a result of stressful mishaps or injuries. Most of these injuries are to the head or neck. Instances would certainly be cars and truck mishaps, drops, diving mishaps, surfing injuries, snowboarding falls, youth falls from trees, off bikes, transforming tables and also more.

The common measure is a injury that has torn loose the tissue that holds the spinal column in position in the upper neck which produces a weak point, which will certainly allow the weight of the head (10-14 lbs) to come to be displaced from it’s regular position. This imbalance of the head and neck relationship can be as low as 3/4 of degree and the brain will certainly need to adjust to this new placement. Our eyes as well as ears are developed to be balanced. When the head is not balanced appropriately payments will create in order to rebalance the framework of the body and also the eyes and ears with the righting response in the brain. Without this payment we would just tip over when we stood in a gravity environment.

The much longer this compensation exists the much more our body should adapt to this architectural imbalance.

Eventually we will certainly develop symptoms as a result of nerve disorder.

Which signs and symptoms?

That depends on the individual and also the nerves that are effected.

For example the mind stem through the Vagus nerves controls the digestive system. Dysfunction right here can cause conditons like Acid Reflux, irregular bowel movements, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and colic in kids.

The Mind stem also has a significant effect on the body immune system, has nerve connections to the sinuses as well as the ears, eyes, nose and also throat and also lungs. This would certainly explain the modifications that we see with allergic reactions, sinus troubles, constant colds and also flus and breathing conditions like bronchial asthma.

As well as what concerning frustrations?

Frustrations can be caused by both the blood flow as well as nerve flow changes from the brain to the body as well as head and also face when the mind stem function is changed.

So what can occur when the mind stem pressure is gotten rid of with the adjustment of an upper neck imbalance by a certified top cervical specialist?

Amazing things!

Amanda is a patient of ours who at only 21 years of age had had a number of head and neck injuries starting in early childhood. These conditions in Amanda’s body where resulting in a day-to-day dependancy on Tums and Advil to just get through the day.

Say thanks to God that is throughout now.

When Amanda initially entered this office she was wishing to remove her acid reflux, since every evening when she set she would get it despite what she ate. She also headaches, terrible allergic reactions and generalised pain and aches throughout my body.

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